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I run across some pretty stringe stuff on the Internet while hunting for studies. This is one of the stranger ones: a website for a startup called TestiStim hat wants to sell electrical underwear that will boost low testosterone levels. From their front page:

"TestiStim is an early stage startup focused on bioelectric and biologics treatment of infertility and low testosterone levels in man. The device will used to regenerate testicles to restore their full performance in creating sperm and managing via neuro modulation testosterone levels.

"The technology is envisioned to sense and monitor testosterone levels and adjust them to a healthy level via programmed bioelectric stimulations not only directly into the testes but also via the nervous system. The bioelectric stimulation can be delivered via invasive pacing lead catheters, wireless programmed micro implants or a variety of non-invasive methods including temporal interference or simple conductive under garments."

And here is the medical journal article they are using to justify their work:

"A serum analysis showed that electrical stimulation using a 1 Hz current significantly increased the subjects’ concentrations of total testosterone and DHEA-S; however, there were no significant differences in the concentrations of FSH, LH, and prolactin in subjects treated with electrical stimulation. These results suggest that the increased responsiveness to electrical stimulation, particularly a current of 1 Hz continue type, may be partially related to an improvement in sexual functions."
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Lol that is one of the dumber things I’ve seen. Another girlfriend will boost your T more than plugging your nuts into a wall outlet
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