All day chemist?

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They never, ever call your doctor. I've used AllDay and ReliableRX (sister company) for over 10 years. I just wrote my doctor as "Dr. Johnson" and made up a phone number. No worries, never a question. You can use ReliableRX if you want to use a credit card number (better protection for you, I don't like the idea of giving out my bank account number)
I think I’ll use reliable al I want to put it on cc. Easier to pay that then do money order.
to bad they don’t sell deka for joint relief

thanks all
Hi Rabbit,

I looked over my notes on how to order with a credit card on ReliableRX. I only order once every 4 to 6 months, so every time I have to refer to this email I got from them.

Years ago ReliableRX used to have a option on their website for paying with a CC. But they took it down because of issues with fraud. So I emailed and said in the email that a CC is the only way I would order. The following is a paste of what they told me what to do to pay with CC. I have been doing the following for about two years with them.

Thank you for your email.

We request you to place a new order by choosing Check/ Money order as by doing so you will generate an order ID. Please share the order ID with us and we will email you the secure payment link for VISA card option.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Kind Regards

Customer Support Executive
Tel (USA): +1(855) 870-5513
How am I doing? Please let my manager ([email protected]) know. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
Buy Lab Tests Online
Defy Medical TRT clinic


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