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  1. R

    Workout and Muscle Soreness Recovery

    I went to workout last Saturday after a long period of time. Today is Tuesday and my muscle still sore for some reason. I took pre-workout suplement, Beta-Alanine, L-glutamine, creatinine to reduce workout recovery time. I took Whey protein after workout. My body never sore like this before. I...
  2. M

    No muscles soreness after working out ?

    I used to muscle soreness the next day after working out this is not happening anymore, I always look at this as a reward ,after intensive exercises. I am not sure why I am not getting it is it related to trt ? Does not having muscle soreness means muscles are recovering ?
  3. A

    AM vs PM workouts

    I would like to have some opinions from the guys of the forum that are lifting at the gym. I recently started to do my workouts on my lunch break around 12 pm rather than 7 pm, because I am having constant elevated cortisol that I'm trying to address. Also, about 30 minutes after a heavy workout...
  4. T

    How can I gain muscle mass (interesting read)
  5. J

    TRT almost a year now...suddenly lost all motivation to work out

    I have been on T for almost a year and it has absolutely changed my life! Everything has been going great until lately, I just don't feel like working out anymore. At all. Has anyone experienced this? I do run a stressful business. I'm not sure what it is. I was so consistent in my...
  6. B

    Starting TRT on a Cut?

    I've received endocrinology treatment for about 9 months now, but just started TRT 1 month ago. I'm going on my honeymoon (viva la Mexico!) in March, so I've been cutting for that. This may be in my head, but it's seemed a lot harder to drop weight since introducing exogenous testosterone...
  7. J

    Workout a must to stay fit and Healthy

    If you want to live a healthy life then workout is must. Not only this much, a proper workout and routine helps to improve resistance and lowers the chance of cardiovascular problem erectile dysfunction problem ( although generic viagra exists ). There are many places where a proper routine work...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Lift Weights, Improve Your Memory

    "The study began with everyone looking at a series of 90 photos on a computer screen. The images were evenly split between positive (i.e. kids on a waterslide), negative (mutilated bodies) and neutral (clocks) pictures. Participants weren’t asked to try and remember the photos. Everyone then sat...
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