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    TSH Labs / Hypothyroidism

    Can some please take a look at my TSH lab by Quest, and tell me if this is ok? I can see that it looks to be in range, but I’ve read in various places that it’s high. Thank you in advance.
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    Switching from anastrozole to aromasin

    Hey guys I just got recent blood work done and I’ve decided to switch from anastrozole over to aromasin. One reason is I’ve heard there is no rebound and even on a daily dose of arimidex I experienced rebounds in estrogen and very quickly. My protocol for these bloods were - 40mg test cyp eod...
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    Initial Blood Work/First Post

    So I had my blood work done after 8 weeks of trt followed by 2 weeks of being completely off of everything. Surprisingly my cholesterol was perfect, and my testosterone was valued at 800. The only issue (other than some slightly elevated RBC counts) was my TSH value. TSH was measured to be at...
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