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  1. J

    Getting rach/acne on my back

    I have been on TRT for about 3 years with no adverse side effects. We recently increase my dosage a bit and I am now purchasing my testosterone from a mainstream pharmacy (CVS) rather than my Dr. preferred provider (which was way more expensive). In the last week, my back all of a sudden had...
  2. M

    All I’ve learned in 4 years of TRT

    50YO male - Been on TRT since October 2018 when I got tested twice and testosterone was under 150 with depressive lethargic symptoms. I inject 0.2 ML or 40 mgs of testosterone cypionate twice a week and have a trough total testosterone level of 600. Very stable and feel great. Here are the...
  3. W

    Gyno or cystic acne(clogged pore/gland)?

    Hello, I recently had a bb size lump on the very edge of my left nipple come up randomly 3 days ago. No sensitivity or puffy nipples at all leading up to this. my E2 is usually 24-27. I actually squeezed it and got some pus out of a pore on the nipple its self. Makes me think its...
  4. N

    Experiences using Deca Durabolin or NPP for TRT?

    Hi all. So, I am very sensitive to DHT. Even 125mg TEST E every 6 days gives me bad scalp acne/cysts. I would like to hear from people that have used Deca Durabolin og NPP for TRT. Or maybe a mix of Deca/Test (80/20 for instance) Its could have some benefits, since the Anabolic/Androgenic...
  5. T

    Down-titration helped reduce E2 a bit, but it isn't enough. Time for an AI?

    All -- I just got my labs back and thought to share them with you to get your input and advice. I'm going to discuss the latest labs with my Physician this Friday, but I'm thinking of strongly advocating for an A.I. My back and shoulders are a minefield in terms of acne. It's out of control. I...
  6. N

    How to stop TRT?

    So after a few years on TRT. (125mg Test E E6D) A few years where I felt pretty good. I now have to stop :( Scalp acne is out of control. Painful cysts and nothing helps. Well years ago I was on 2 rounds of Accutane for it and it helped for years. And it has returned again now....For the 3...
  7. R

    Perplexing result.. thoughts?

    Hi there, I'd really appreciate any thoughts or guidance on protocol/results below. I am quite surprised by the prolactin result, and even the T and E result as I am on a low daily dose and this is before my next injection. Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Purpose is TRT and not sport...
  8. R

    Acne on TRT - A low dose Accutane?

    Hello gents. I have annoying problems with acne on scalp and some on face too. Not horrible, but I keep getting it, for quite a while now and its really bumming me out at my age. About me. 47 yo. 120kg. about 15% bf...I think? I use 250mg Test E every week (high level, I know). Work out 4 days...
  9. C

    Side effects: Acne and restless sleep

    I'm seeking out advice for back and shoulder acne and some mild sleep issues (have lessened with nightly pregnenolone and occasional melatonin). I'm currently 28 years old, I've had the acne the entire time I've been on TRT which is about 4 years with a brief period in between with no treatment...
  10. M

    TRT Therapy Breakouts

    I take TRT because of Primary Hypogondism. I started out with Androgel and I liked it but it kept me around a level of 400 and kept my weight steady, with no loss or gain and muscle mass meh. Than I switched to injections when I would get .5 every 3 weeks and my doctor got me to about 500 again...
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