total t is good low free t

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    Total T > 1000 ng/dl (very high), Free T < 65 pg/ml (very low)

    Hi, I'm a 40yo man. I just got tested for Total and Free T. My Total T came out at 1015 ng/dl out of a lab reference range of 45 - 975 ng/dl. My Free T came out at 63 pg/dl out of a lab reference range of 47 - 225 pg/ml My doc didn't want to test SHBG or Estradiol until we got Total and Free...
  2. L

    Declining free T levels

    Before I started on TRT eight months ago. My free T was 5.1 range is (6.6-18.1 pg/ml) with total T at 462 ng/dl range (264-916) these are LabCorp ranges. After starting on .25ml of Cypionate 200mg/ml every seven days. I saw my total and free T jump way up. LabCorp Free T was 10.5 pg/ml...
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