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  1. J

    Mefloquine toxicity

    I am looking for anyone who has suffered from Mefloquine toxicity. This is an antimalarial drug that was handed out willy-nilly by several different nations' militaries. I'm also looking for anyone who has filed for US VA disability for Mefloquine toxicity. I did talk with one guy who was...
  2. JohnTaylorHK

    What are the symptoms of hyperlipidemia?

    Over the last few months I have been getting symptoms similar to a hangover: Dehydration (feeling thirsty all the time, especially on waking up in the morning), Tinnitus, increasing myopia, mild (background) headaches, some dizziness and short-term memory loss. The tinnitus I have had for...
  3. D

    Ears wont stop ringing

    Hello, I am currently on TRT with hcg and arimidex, and a peptide blend of semorelin/ghrp2/ghrp6 and GAC. Around when I started this therapy, my ears started ringing nonstop. Its easier to deal with during the day, but in times of quiet is maddening. Has anyone else ever heard of and/or...
  4. H

    TRT and tinnitus

    I just would like to post some of my findings that might end up helping someone. I have been suffering ON and OFF from tinnitus. And after a long time I was able to find a definitive connection (for me at least) between low ferritin and tinnitus. Every time my ferriting gets really low i get...
  5. N


    I've learned that there is some association between hrt and tinnitus. Has anyone had this experience? If so, have you modified your treatment and found that you can reduce the tinnitus? Perhaps we can explore this association and any other aspects of tinnitus. Any insight would be greatly...
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