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    Hand numbness/Anxiety - E2?

    I'm hoping to get some insight on why I experience tingling and hand numbness. It almost always occurs after using HCG and I've experienced it on my current protocol (below) as well as when I was on clomid + HCG. I also usually experience a marked increase in anxiety at the same time. I'm...
  2. P

    Daily dosing issue or still to high of a dose?

    I have been feeling great lately save for 2 concerns of mine. I daily dose .07ml of test for a total of 98mg/week. My last e2 score had me at 32 Total test 900 Free t 26 All my other results were good, hemo/thyroid etc I believe my e2 may slowly be creeping up because I am experiencing two...
  3. M

    Tingling in my fingers/hand...just started TRT

    Hey all, I just started TRT and yesterday would mark my third day injecting Test Cyp 80mg e3.5d. It’s the second time since I’ve started my protocol that my fingers have been tingling/slightly numb. I’ve know that TRT rises hemocrit levels, and mine were at 43.1 prior to a 3 month Clomid...
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