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    hCG mono at 7 months | | Thyroid eval?

    Thyroid interpretation requested too. Thanks! Hi, due to circumstances beyond my control I was OFF my hCG mono therapy for 5 full days prior to this Nov draw. This explains ( I hope) the T at 116). How does that skew the other results? Symptoms: morning fatigue, improving since hCG. Serum...
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    Lab results Month 5 on hCG mono Increased hematocrit high free T- low SHBG

    hcG mono therapy now 541+ plus in the fifth month 62 y.o. visceral adipose Ja-Mar 15: baseline 199 to 300 after stopping gel for several months. >10 years non-compliant gel hCG mono started April 2015 10,000i,u,/week labs June new regimen 500 did not work now 1,000 E3D new labs Sept (below)...
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    proposed tests and timing: ruling out thyroid 16 weeks in to hCG mono

    Hi, Anything missing from this proposed test lineup (below last labs)? 62 y.o. d hypoG >20 yrs, no recent TRT, past gel hCG mono beginning April 2015. baseline TotT 200-300 went to 700 in 6 weeks Arimidex added in July, 1/4 2xWeek diagnoses: hyperestrogenism, gyno, hypogonadism,metabolic...
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