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    Discouraged with TRT

    So Im looking for some advice. Ive been on TRT for almost a year now (100mg once a week IM) and honestly Im not feeling any better then before test. As of my last labs here is where Im at. I will be starting sub Q at 100mg once a week since my doc is retiring and I havent found a new doc as of...
  2. H

    Half life doubt

    Hello The propionate half life is 3 days...Is there a difference if I use 100mg every 3 days or 200mg every 6 days?
  3. D

    Androgel increased / T levels improved / Extreme Tiredness

    I've been on Androgel for less than 4 months. T level was 249/189 so prescribed 1 pump per shoulder ... rechecked labs and T level was 347 so increased to 2 pumps per the doctor but now have noticed that the increased energy that I originally experienced seemed to be diminishing and now is...
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    Help me Please

    I used 750mg sustanon week/ per 1 year. With 500iu hcg 2x week and arimidex 0.5mg Ed So I stopped with sustanon, hcg and arimidex and started with 100mg clomid ed per 3 month. My libido is zero and my total Testo is 74.... What should I do? I don't want to take testo. Thank you
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    Getting off TRT

    I'm 70 and been on TRT since January. .3cc 2x a week. My HCT went from 48 to 54. I have donated blood twice during this time. I let the clinic know I was concerned about this. I was told to cut the dose to .25cc 2x a week. I really didn't see much different since I began using TRT. I don't...
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    Testostorone high, E2 & SHBG normal but low libido, ED & fatigue!?

    Hello All, Looking for some forum vets to assist me in my queries. I have suffered from ED and low libido for years for reasons I am unsure. I rarely get morning wood or random wood, I can get hard with Viagra and Cialis. I think about sex alot but not much goes on down stairs. I have been a...
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