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  1. deejal01

    Oxandrolone, Ipamorelin, Clomid, Anastrozole, hcg

    Hello! I decided to post in this forum instead of peptides because the main focus is Oxandrolone. 45 years years old, did biohormone replacement testosterone pellets one year ago. After speaking with a doctor about my goals, he suggested Oxandrolone, Ipamorelin, Clomid, Anastrozole and HCG...
  2. H

    Genuine question on pituitary shutdown

    AAS abuse can cause Secondary Hypogonadism? But is there not a single example where Long term high HCG dosage (usually used for fertility purpose) has caused Secondary Hypogonadism. just asking question as layman. If HPTA doesn't know exogenous testosterone from endogenous testosterone...
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