testosterone cypionate dose trt

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    Lowering Test Dosage

    I've been on HRT now for almost 6 years at a weekly dose of 200mg (cypionate). Up until about a 1.5 years ago my total T would average around the 800 mark. I switched to daily injections 1.5 years ago and my last 3 blood tests have my T levels at 1100-1200. Since I'm over 1000, I think I would...
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    TRT 3 weeks vs 4 weeks

    Currently I inject testosterone into 3 split doses (mon, wed, fri) subq, weekly. I'm considering changing to: skipping a week and just adding those 3 skipped doses into 3 weeks, so Basically what I'm doing is the same total dose for 4 weeks into 3 weeks and then do a kind of "mini cycle" every...
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