testosterone cream

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  1. E

    Apply cream under armpit??

    I'm trying to apply testosterone cream on thinnest areas for best absorption, other than scrotum. Based on my research, other areas that are also very thin like the scrotum are eyelids, armpit, around lower neck area and behind ears. Wondering if anyone has tried the different areas? Under...
  2. E

    Testosterone Cream- Scrotum VS other areas

    Has anyone compared T cream on scrotum versus other areas of body and got bloodwork to see what the difference is I'm aching to go back on the cream on scrotum. It's the only method that honestly makes me never need Cialis/Viagra, but the hairloss is really terrible. Luckily my hair came...
  3. B

    After 2 years on TRT (Nebido & Testosterone cream) maybe thinking on going back to Clomid

    Around 3 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 hypogonadism probably because of my experimentation with AAS for muscle building purposes... However, I want to say that even prior to doing any AAS my Total testosterone numbers were already on the low end of normal 270 / 300 but my doctor at the...
  4. M

    Test cream users: Do you feel better with 1x/day or 2X/day application?

    I’ve been in test cream for a while now. Still working on dialing in my protocol, but seeing improvements. I have usually gone with a 1X/day application, applied right after I shower in the AM. But now I’m wondering if I would feel better if I spaced my dose out to 2X/day. Just curious what...
  5. Z

    Am I eligible to TRT considering the following...?

    Hello everyone, First off, the number bits: - TT: 480 (240-870) - FT: 10 (8-40) - e2: 15 (11-44) After 2 months taking a B-vitamin complex: - TT: 860 (240-870) - FT: 11 (8-40) - e2: 15 (11-44) TT doubled, but FT and e2 are still low Other bloods of interest: - complete liver panel is normal...
  6. M

    Wife is starting T Cream

    Hello all, My wife is 50 years old. Never had kids and is in menopause. She has low T, no energy, brain fog, hot flashes. So she did pellets. Worked ok for 2 out of 12 weeks she had them in. (Week 6 and 7 ONLY). The rest of the time showed no results. Been off T pellets for 4 months. She was...
  7. D

    What's the half life of T Cream?

    Wondering if anyone knows when the peak, middle, and trough are after applying T Cream?
  8. D

    Scrotal cream, how long does it take to dry off and not stain your underwear?

    want to try scrotal cream, so i pose the question. don't want the cream to get on your underwear
  9. F

    Testosterone Cream Shelf Life

    Does anyone here have any opinions (scientific or anecdotal) on the shelf life of testosterone creams? I have a cream from a local pharmacy that was compounded in 12/2019. I know the "official" answer is to throw it away, but I am curious if anyone here has any experience with this...
  10. O

    Can you apply cream just once per day?

    I see that twice per day application of t cream is a popular method right now. For me, arranging my day around an afternoon application is too challenging and inconvenient, especially while traveling or doing spontaneous thing during days off. A daily application first thing in the morning makes...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Scrotal Testosterone Cream: Can it Increase Libido?

    "Transdermal testosterone has been used for years to treat patients with low testosterone symptoms. Clinically, we have monitored patients to evaluate results of testosterone absorption via blood serum concentrations. The data on multiple time points to determine trough and peak concentrations...
  12. C

    Is storing extra Testosterone Cream 20% 200mg/ml in Freezer safe to do?

    Well, I was prescribed the 200mg/ml T Cream (transcrotal) two clicks, twice a day, however after receiving 3 bottles of it, I have been only doing it at one single click, once a day with surprisingly VERY good results. At this rate (if I maintain the same dosage), these bottles will end up...
  13. K

    Scrotal Cream Dose

    Hey I see that popular trt docs like Dr Nichols use scrotal cream as their only source of T. I am on a combination right now. Prior to adding t cream, the shots did nothing for me. I was thinking of moving to a scrotal T cream only protocol since I only feel good when the cream is working. I...
  14. B

    Switching From Cream to Injectable T (subQ)

    I am making the switch from cream to injectable T cypionate. I started with cream because I thought it would be more convenient; however, I’ve become convinced it is actually less convenient, as you have to wait for it to dry and plan shower/swim/workout/sex times around it (two times a day, at...
  15. E

    couple Qs about T cream

    Hello, 1- What is the half time for T Cream? If I use 200mg in the morning, will the T last til end of the day (12 hours is enough) ? I'd rather rub on once than twice a day. I will be doing the Scrotum application soon. 2- How many days til it stabilizes?
  16. B

    Ordering a Sufficient Amount of T

    After reading a bunch of accounts, I think I'd like to try a combination of injectable and cream T. I am currently only on cream (applied trans-scrotally), and I work with a telemedicine provider. But MA has some pretty strict restrictions on ordering T. I am only permitted to have 6 weeks'...
  17. B

    When you first started TRT

    Hi all, I'm curious about your experiences. What do you remember about when you first started TRT? When did you start noticing the effects, and what were those effects? Did they remain steady, go up/down? I am only one week into testosterone application (cream applied trans-scrotally) after 9...
  18. C

    Has anyone used T cream to the scrotum along with injections and how much did it raise your scores.

    I've been doing the following: 60mg T cypionate M-W-F 350 HCG M-W-F .25 Anastrazole Monday thru Friday I wasn't getting goods results, especially in the areas of libido and sexual function. My doctor added what I think is 25 mg of T cream (2 clicks on a 50 mg/ml) applied daily to the scrotum...
  19. madman

    Pharmacokinetics of testosterone cream applied to scrotal skin

    Conclusion *we concluded that the scrotal administration of testosterone in a cream formulation provides high bioavailability, dose-dependant peak serum testosterone concentration, and tolerability with a much lower dose relative to the non-scrotal transdermal route *further studies of...
  20. J

    T Cream for Scrotal Application - What is the best strength cream to use?

    I have been recently prescribed and using testosterone cream on my scrotum to improve libido. After using it for a week, I have noticed some improvement in libido, ed, etc. I have been applying one click of a Topi-Click 5% testosterone cream (50mg/g) on my scrotum twice a day. The boost that...
  21. F

    Been prescribed high strength Test cream w/ Pregnenolone + Progesterone - fertility?

    Hi guys, I've just been prescribed some Testosterone cream (100mg) with Pregnenolone (50mg) + Progesterone (25mg) - 1x daily. At first I questioned the cream based treatment but my Doctor said it's a very high quality cream, absorption is excellent and 90% of his patients use it with great...
  22. G

    Testosterone cream not working

    Good day Gents I ran a few different search queries looking for this topic but to my suprise came up empty. I started trt approximately three months ago. My total testosterone was around 150ng/dl, and i had all the common symptoms, lack of libido and extreme low energy being the most...
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