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    So hear are my test results:

    Estradiol: 64.2. (since this result, I started taking arimidex .5 mg (1/2. tablet) twice per week Testosterone total: 1,190 Testosterone free: 25.6 What is the best range for best results? I know the estrogen was too high...
  2. X

    Advice on reducing test dosage

    Hi all, I'd like some advice on reducing my testosterone dosage. Please by all means, treat me like the idiot I am because I still have much to learn. Below is my latest blood test results (as of yesterday). Testosterone translates to 946ng/dl and E2 to 31.3 pg/ml. From what I understand...
  3. S

    1762 Total T after last lab test

    So my last labs were done the day before my injection. I usually inject sub-q twice a week. I use an insulin needle and before this lab I was injecting 40 units twice weekly. The results are 1762 Total T and 508.5 Free T. I had no idea it would be this high. Am I doing something wrong (are my...
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    Full lab results (update)

    Thanks for taking the time. This is a follow up to my thread from last week (Total T > 1000 ng/dl (very high), Free T < 65 pg/ml (very low)). Total and Free same deal as last time, and not surprisingly SHBG is super high. Is there anything else in there I should pay attention to? I'm 40yo, in...
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    not sure about these post-vasectomy results

    25 years ago I had a vasectomy but it did not matter much because my wife continued to use the pill. Well now I am single so figured I would get tested to make sure I am infertile. I got the post-vasectomy test from Quest and it says I am "out of range" because the expected range is simply...
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    Help Make Sense of Test Results

    I just got very strange test results that I don't understand. On 10/8/19, I had 1538.1 ng/dl and had just taken my shot of 100 ng/dl on 10/5 On 9/30/19, I had 102.8 ng/dl and had not taken any testosterone for 2 weeks. On 7/23/18 I had 171.5 ng/dl and had done my shot of 50 ng/dl within 1 week...
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    Request help and recommendations with my TRT results

    Requesting your inputs and advice on my TRT regime and the results I have received thus far. 50 year old, BMI - 24.3, pretty active and works out on a regular basis. Prior to TRT treatment had brain fog, stressed, joint pain, zero libido and just did not feel right. I was and still am going...
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    Test levels LOWER after switching to injections?!

    Alright yeah, title sums it up. Switched to 200 mg/ml a week in July along with HCG. Was formerly doing half a pill of Clomid every day. I stopped as I believed it was worsening my depression. I have 1mg of Arimidex as well was taking once a week but was informed it might be crashing estrogen...
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    Advice on TRT Regimen

    Aloha from Hawaii guys! Been on TRT for about 6 months through my PCP who only put me on Androgel 1.62, with terrible results. Would not do any specific bloodwork besides basic Total Testosterone, so made the switch to Defy. Lab work from Defy came back with the following: Total testosterone...
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    Very High Testosterone Levels -

    This is my first post but i have been lurking for quite a few months and have been learning as much as I can. Despite this I haven't seen a question come up that would answer this for me. Some stats on me; 44 yrs Long history of weight training, sports and good nutrition Never used any form of...
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    New member and test results

    I am 44, 6ft about 275. I am active, ride a bike several times a week and work out. I have been on TRT for about 4 years. I have had treated sleep apnea for 10 years and am compliant and have few sleep disturbances. I first started using a compounded cream and saw good results, my numbers...
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