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    What dose DHEA/preg to avoid shutdown/withdrawal, 20 - 50 - 100mg ed

    Guys, i would LOVE to hear your experience on this. I have CFS and destroyed adrenals, they are better now but i just came across this (DHEA/Prog). And alot of people seem to dose it pretty high, and then the ray peat forum guys who microdose it I saw a post on a guy using 50mg dhea and got...
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    do you use clomid with TRT?

    Good morning everybody. After reading several posts I would like to take this discussion. To keep the HPG axis less suppressed with TRT does anyone have experience or use low doses of clomid or tamoxifen during TRT? Would it be an alternative to using HCG with TRT? Thanks
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    How do athletes microdose without suppressing natural T?

    Before I launch into my (long) post, I would first like to thank the members of this forum for being so generous in sharing their knowledge. I have found the first hand experience of people on this forum to be lightyears ahead of the the standard TRT protocol endorsed by the medical...
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