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    Sore, hot and raised stomach from SubQ injection..did I mess up? Should I keep using the site?

    Hey all, New to TRT and had my first pin on Wednesday night. 40iu test C in the abdomen. Everything was fine. Today (3.5d later), I inject on the other side of my abdomen. I was feeling my stomach to see where my initial injection was though, which I found because it was harder than all the...
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    TRT and swollen / sore lymph nodes ????

    Hey guys , hoping some of you can help. So ever since my third week of being on trt , I have had a soreness in a lymph node on the right side of my neck, just under my jaw. Some weeks it’s a little milder and some days it can be really sore. I had a CT on them and they showed up as reactive...
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