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  1. D

    What to do if Lipodystrophy is suspected?

    Hi, My name is Gabe. I've been on TRT since August 2021. I've switched to Defy Med in March of 2022. I am also Type 2 diabetic who uses Novolog Subcutaneous insulin. Since Defy is the only clinic that suggested using Testosterone Subcutaneously, I did so starting in March 2022...
  2. M

    Aging Skin in Men: Any Solutions?

    Hi guys, Im wondering if you have any proven methods to prevent or reverse skin wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Does Collagen or vitamin E really work? Specifically the abdomen area. And I am not overweight. 53 years old but noticed my skin is losing.
  3. R

    Astaxanthin sale Costco sale astaxanthin 6 mg free shipping 3 cents/mg -until sold out- best price seen on this important supplement TruNature Costco house label clean product. contains only EVO, purified water in gel caps. made with Swedish AstaReal proven benefits: exercise recovery, skin, vision...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Study Results: Exercise Makes Skin Younger

    "... They found that after age 40, the men and women who exercised frequently had markedly thinner, healthier stratum corneums and thicker dermis layers in their skin. Their skin was much closer in composition to that of the 20- and 30-year-olds than to that of others of their age, even if they...
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