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  1. E

    Drastic increase in libido - currently multi-orgasmic to an extreme - any experience with this?

    Now a couple months after starting TRT, I have become extremely multi-orgasmic. I mean 6+ full scale ejaculations in a session with many more minor ones. Until now, I have been one-and-done for almost my entire life. My semen is clear and more watery, even the first of the day. I have gone from...
  2. D

    Trimix Dosage and Timing

  3. Dreamamine

    Calling All Long-Term TRT Users! How is Your Libido and Sexual Function?

    I wanted to give some of you long-term users a quick quiz, just so we can develop some neat anecdotal data points from this forum. If you have the time, please answer the following questions: (I apologize if they're a touch personal) 1. What is your age? 2. How long have you been on TRT? 3...
  4. Z

    How serious is the risk to transfer cream to wife during sex?

    We have sex on average twice a day, very hard for me to tell in advance exactly when. I apply testosterone cream (Pentravan base) twice a day to the scrotum. My scrotum comes in contact with her vagina and her mouth. How long is it safe to wait before engaging in sex after cream application...
  5. Fernando Almaguer

    Hard only at the end

    Anyone know what it means or what it is indicative of when the penis is semi hard through sex or masturbation and then ends up getting erect right before climaxing and during. Low E? high E? This happens sometimes while other times it works fine..
  6. Fernando Almaguer

    Viagra or Cialis: Which gets you Harder?

    Viagra or cialas and why do gas station pills like control really get us hard?
  7. J

    Let's talk about sex: Cialis not working like it did, and ejaculate volume is down

    Hello everybody. I am a 40 years old male from Germany. For 2 years now, I have been on TRT - Self administered 200mg Testosteron Enanthate EW. I inject once a week and TRT have changed my life. This means i have gotten my interest in sex back and have a few questions on the topic. I have...
  8. J

    Year and 1/2 on T wife and I love is what she said.

    I'm 45. It's been a year and a half now since I started my T. Some people say you crash after a year, but I have not experienced this at all. In fact, I feel I keep feeling the benefits more and more over time. I hope it stays that way. Anyway, here is what my wife said about me since I...
  9. D

    Current TRT Patient (Defy) - Which Labs Should I Order for Sexual Dysfunction

    I have been on Test Cyp (70mg IM twice weekly) and HCG (500 IU SQ twice weekly) since 09/2018. These dosages have put my trough TT between 752-1174 ng/dl and trough FT between 23.2-32 pg/dl. My Estradiol (sensitive) on these dosages has always been 20-25. The problem prompting this post is...
  10. P

    Cialis, what time to take daily?

    I am getting a daily dose of cialis and I am wondering what is the best time to take it. I usually work out from 2:00-4:00 pm. If I take it at noon will I get benefit during my workout? Will there be enough left in my system to benefit me and my wife at night? We go to bed at 11:00.
  11. Z

    Estrogen and sensitivity

    So after a long month of struggling with my erectile dysfunction I was able to be intimate with my wife for a whole session tonight )not saying that to boast there is a reason for me stating this) over the past month I have done tons of labs and research on here as well. People have been helpful...
  12. Nilani

    Women Toys

    I've been looking through the forums and have found several discussions about specific types of toys for women and which is a favorite. I found another discussion that had a list of women toys Sex Toys For Women - Feel More Intense Orgasms‎ - to select from as a favorite but...
  13. B

    Too much testosterone - sexual side effects?

    Hi, I'm so happy I find this site - maybe I can get the answers that I have been looking for. I'm from Denmark and there is not that much knowledge about testosterone here. I will try to make a long story short. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 6 years. Let me start by saying...
  14. H

    (not for me?) Hombre's TRT Log: 34yo, low E2, norm SHBG and LH [Defy]

    Height: 6ft (Lifetime underweight, never on any psych meds) Motivation (libido mainly): tried cialis Nov 2017 after a year long break and it wasn't working the same, sudden weak erections during porn use Feb 2018 (after 6 years of minimal porn use, nofap with relapses for 6 years), 10%...
  15. J

    Which one to choose viagra or cialis?

    Hey folks, viagra and cialis both are ed med but when it comes to performance which one you trust? the famous viagra or the weekend pill cialis? If tried both then please share the after effects of using it.
  16. A

    High testosterone but low other hormones in women

    So my lady got labs finally, from discounted labs she had high natural total testosterone 54, 2.7 free T, but relatively low progesterone at 0.2, and 105 estradiol. This was 5 days after her period. What's strange is despite the high T she has low libido for 26 years old, (never is horny sex...
  17. C

    Sex Toys for men

    Anyone ever used one of those prostate "massage" sex toys (some have it where it also stimulates the perineum at the same time)? Saw these recently and wanted to get some input.
  18. C

    Switching from Cialis to Levitra

    Anyone have any experience with this? My doc had me on Cialis 5 mg daily and it did not do much at all, then tried Stendra, and it worked some but gave me red and hot/flushed face. So last week he gave me Levitra 20 mg samples to try.
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