semen analysis

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  1. J

    HCG & HMG Dose Prior to Semen Analysis

    The long awaited time is here where I’m getting a Semen analysis next week in preparation for IVF. Wondering if maybe I should do a little extra hCG and HMG a day or two before it. What do you guys think? If everything looks good, I’ll go back in and freeze it and then I’m off of these drugs...
  2. FunkOdyssey

    TRT as Birth Control: Semen Analysis Results

    It seems like most guys that perform semen analysis on TRT are taking things like hCG and FSH in order restore their fertility. I'm curious about the opposite: has anyone on TRT without hCG performed semen analysis in order to confirm their infertile status? I know people caution against...
  3. Vitamin_C

    Decided to do a SA, fertility options?

    I am a 40M who has been on TRT for about five years. My fiance is 29 and wants to have children. I decided to get a SA done to check on my swimmers. My current protocol is 120mg of Test Cypionate/week and 1000IU of HCG/week. Motility: 16 (>=32%) pH Semen: 8.5 (7.2-8) Sperm count: 3.4 (>=15.0...
  4. J

    Fertility: Semen analysis and freezing Sperm prior to TRT

    Hi, I'm 26 and will be starting TRT soon (with or without HCG initially - not sure yet). Would you recommend having a Semen analysis prior to starting TRT and would you recommend getting Sperm frozen for fertility concerns if you have the opportunity...
  5. S

    Going for semen analysis Tuesday. First one since starting TRT 1.5 years ago. Anyone want to take a bet?

    Started TRT/HRT 1.5 years ago. Have been on either 250iu/300iu HCG once or twice per week nearly the whole time outside of a few weeks in the beginning. Seem to feel best on 250iu HCG once per week on Wednesday mng and that's what I'm doing now. Monday mng 80mg test cyp/80mg Thur evening...
  6. A

    Semen analysis results 125 daily HCG 4 months while on Test

    Not impossible to get someone pregnant , but very low concentration. 1.45 mil , with minimum recommendation 15 mil. I would probably need to try a more aggressive approach say 500iu EOD. What do you guys think here?
  7. H

    Semen analysis results after adding FSH to TRT and hCG

    So after 6 months of adding FSH to my TRT protocol I got a sperm analysis done. A quick background. My fertility was normal before TRT and went to zero when I started TRT without HCG. Adding HCG 500 IU 2x a week my sperm analysis results were: sperm count 2.1mm (normal >=20mm) total sperm 7.2mm...
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