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  1. S

    Bi-Weekly Injection question

    Hello, I have been doing bi-weekly injections for years. The provider I go to says that it is not ideal to do every two weeks but as long as I am feeling ok they wont have an issue with it. He explained that basically at the 2 week level the TRT is no longer in my system. I do every two weeks...
  2. aneuman

    My 6 weeks TRT Labs: advise welcome

    Hello guys, Many of you are aware of my journey, but for those who don't know, I started with HCG 2000 IU a week, felt like a greek God for two weeks, then back to basics, Enclomiphene, Great labs but no symptom relief, then Enclomiphene + HCG, some improvements, then TRT. I was prescribed 100...
  3. T

    Optimal time of day for hCG or Testosterone injections?

    Hello! I could not find the answer, so sorry if this has been answered already buried in another post! BACKGROUND: I am on the following schedule for months now and have pretty stable levels - better than when I started T shots once every 10 days (with T alone), then every 7 days, then...
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