scar tissue

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  1. M

    Best post-surgical peptide for healing.

    Just rec'd liver transplant. 4th time thru 1 scar and 3rd thru another, and one additional incision to create the Mercedes logo on my and. Rampant scar tissue build up and nerve damage. Would BPC-157 or another different or combination of peptides be best to reduce scar impact, accelerate...
  2. K

    Nodule On Injection Site

    Hi, all! Been injecting TRT for about 4 years now. It has been great. I also inject HCG SQ with no issues. However, with the Cypionate I'm now experiencing a nodule on my left ventrogluteal area. So I stopped using that area. Is there something I can do to get rid of it? Like rolling or deep...
  3. B

    Am I hitting scar tissue?!

    I inject .34 ml eod and rotate between delts and glutes. I use a 1 ml 27g needle for my injections. Every now and then I hit a spot where the testosterone is very slow to come out. I have to use a lot of pressure to empty the barrel. Today it went to a whole new level. I injected my left delt...
  4. W

    Efficacy of same site injections

    Building up scar tissue doing: 25 gauge x 1" needle glutes, alternating 2x per week So I switched to: 27 gauge 1/2" needle delts, thighs, alternating 2x per week Do you think TRT efficacy will increase by not injecting into the same spot all of the time (scar tissue)? Please don't respond...
  5. B

    Injecting into crunchy scar tissue

    So I was on TRT for years and developed scar tissue in my glutes. Now I am back doing injections again and the scar tissue is hard and crunchy. I am wondering two things: (1) will this negatively effect absorption, and if so, will it merely make absorption take longer or will some of the hormone...
  6. Gianluca

    Injection site and muscle aesthetic/functionality plus different inj site and absorption rate?

    I'm wondering if long term injections would effect muscle fibers in a way that you can't develop them anymore with resistance training therefore effecting their functionality, limiting muscle hypertrophy and aesthetic. Side deltoid is pretty convenient site injection. Although several months ago...
  7. R

    Is scarring in a muscle tissue a big deal?

    Hi, I am injecting EOD in my deltoids with 25G needle. The thing is, i've found sweet spots for injecting in both my shoulders. No blood, no pain, a perfect injection really. It's very easy for me to inject in the same exact spots every time because they're located in the same place as my...
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