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    Effect of genetics on male secondary sex characteristics vs Low T

    Hi all, Wondering how much genetics plays a role in secondary sex characteristics vs total testosterone levels. I read a paper (attached) which shows that professional athletes have testosterone levels around 500-600ng/dl, which is around my levels but i have very poor secondary sex...
  2. G

    Does nandrolone activate progesterone receptors?

    I’ve heard and read that nandrolone acts on the progesterone receptor. I’m wondering if this activation replaces taking exogenous progesterone at all, even if nandrolone won’t increase progesterone in the serum.
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    Will TRT effectiveness decrease over the years?

    Hi guys sorry if this has been answered before, search didn't bring up anything meaningful. As I'm about to start TRT hopefully soon, and as I'm only 35 years old, what I'm a bit worried about is that TRT might help my symptoms now - but if there would be some sort of decreasing effectiveness...
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