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  1. R

    Anavar or Proviron to lower SHBG

    Hi there, since my SHBG is sitting at 58 nmol/L I am interested in lowering it and keeping my levels in check. I'm on Zinc, Vit D3, Boron and Magnesium and don't drink alcohol and it still keeps creeping upward. I'm considering a low dose (5mg ED) of Anavar which Dr Rand Mclain has used with...
  2. V

    Proviron-who has experience?

    History of high shbg here, and although I'm not convinced it's the cause, I have sourced Proviron. It's synthetic DHT which will lower shbg. Does anyone have experience with it? Maybe cycling cut up tablets? My T is usually 650-700. Shbg is typically 55-60. My only other option is HCG...
  3. J

    Proviron to lower SHBG?

    Has anyone on here had success using proviron or any type of DHT analogue to lower SHBG without completely commiting to full blown TRT? I’ve heard success stories of some guys lowering SHBG using proviron without it shutting down their HPTA.
  4. Nutpuncher

    Proviron (mesterolone) for improved libido

    Anybody try provirion? I have some in route to increase libido and over all sense of wellbeing. It's supposed to work synergistic with test and losers shgb. I can review it if anybody is interested. Thanks
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