primary or secondary

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  1. FunkOdyssey

    Is this primary or secondary hypogonadism?

    I'm a couple weeks into TRT now so that decision has been made, however I am wondering how I would be classified based on these labs. I took some tests twice, about a week apart, to verify the results. I'm a high SHBG, low Free T type of guy, with an elevated FSH. I haven't been able to find...
  2. I

    Primary or Secondary?

    I am trying to figure out if i am primary or secondary... My LH is 3.54 and my FSH is 1.46 Ive read up a lot on treatment, protocols etc... but was just curious if i'm primary or secondary? I've had 5 years of low T bloodwork, and at 41, assume i'll probably be better off to just take the...
  3. H

    Primary, secondary or mixed both?

    Hello guys, what do you think, is this secondary or primary hypogonadism, or both in mixed? Ran couple bloodworks, months between them. Went to the Urology who checked my testicles they were small-normal(borderline arthropy) and soft. Then i went to the testicle ultrasound and they ultrasounded...
  4. F

    How do I get my body to produce on its own?

    So judging by the lab results, I'm secondary. Low T, LH & FSH at the lower end of the reference range, although normal. Before I start trt, I want to give my body a chance to produce t on its own. How can I do that? What can I take to help me make t? I want to exhaust all my options in this...
  5. K

    Do I Have Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism or is it Thyroid?

    To be clear, my doctor's never diagnosed me as hypgonadal because my Total Testosterone has never been below 300. However, I'm 42 years old and for at least of a handful of times over the years in my 30's I have never tested over a 396 in my Total T. I've consistently been in the 323-396 range...
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