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  1. K.pietera

    how to get my wife pregnant

    Hi friends , I am on TRT for 4+years now. Transcrotal cream 100MG testosterone a day.` ( 30 years old right now ) 2years ago my wife and I wanted to get pregnant so I did a sperm test and it came out I was azospermic .. Now I started a protocol of HCG 6500iu split in 2x 3250iu. The doc told me...
  2. T

    anybody got a woman pregant here while being on TRT 1+ year?

    no hcg or any other sperm boosting shit. pure TRT. i don't want any more kids, i am wondering what my chances are now. wife wants kids, so i'm like 'if it happens it happens' but hoping it wont lol. we went through 4 cycles or so and nothing so far. fingers crossed.
  3. T

    Pregnancy disrupts the accuracy of automated fT4 immunoassays Are we having fun yet?
  4. A

    Struggling to get pregnant

    Hey Folks, I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I've been on TRT for about 5 years now. About a year and half ago, we were able to get pregnant once my doctor added FSH to my current regimen of Test. However, we had a miscarriage. Unfortunately, FSH is no longer able to be compounded...
  5. BradockTRT

    dose of progesterone

    oi gente que está usando creme de progesterona qual a dose que você está usando?
  6. F

    TRT Dosage while regaining fertility / Fertility Protocol

    Hi All- Long time lurker, first time poster. My wife and I have a healthy 9 year old who was conceived 4 months after a contest cycle (my count was over 200M). I've been on 100-250mgs of test a week, no more competing, but no HCG. Out of the blue, we decided to try for a 2nd kid. I got off...
  7. A

    Need advice 28 years old. On trt for over a year and trying to regain fertility

    Me and my partner are trying to get pregnenant. Im 28 years old on trt for over a year now. (30mg test cyp eod. No hcg no ai) I have hcg and 25mg enclomiphene citrate on hand but im unsure if i should get off trt to try or just take the hcg and try without getting off trt. Has anyone been in...
  8. B

    Can increasing HCG take the place of TRT temporarily?

    Been on 2x "100mg Test C" & 2x "500IU HCG" for nearly 3 months and loving the results (mind, body, etc.). Due to Covid19 my lady and I are forced to move our first pregnancy forward to about 3 months from now. To prepare for this shall what protocol recommendations are recommended? Shall I cut...
  9. H

    Pregnancy related hormonal dips

    So I've been on hCG +AI therapy for about a year and a half now, and for the most part, have been feeling great. My wife is about 37 weeks pregnant, and over the course of the pregnancy, I've been feeling worse and worse - feeling pretty much like I did pre-treatment - brain fog, low libido...
  10. Michael Scally

    How to Stop Testosterone or Anabolics Safely? What PCT Programs Work?

    It Takes a While for Your Body to Start your Own Testosterone and Sperm Production Some men may want to stop testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) due to side effects or the wish to improve fertility. We know that stopping TRT or AAS suddenly can cause...
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