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  1. FunkOdyssey

    Propionate PIP Poll

    My TRT provider, who is also the largest convicted steroid dealer in America, is of the opinion that PIP reported with testosterone propionate is most likely caused by the testosterone crashing out of solution in the body and provoking an inflammatory response. He does not believe that it is...
  2. mairomaster

    Annoying post-injection pain (PIP)

    I've been on TRT for an year and a half now. I am self-medicating and I did my best to study the field as good as possible so that I really know what I'm doing. Everything is going pretty good so far - I've experimented with many different protocols / substances and I've figured out pretty well...
  3. B

    First subq burns.

    I have been going in the thighs and shoulder shallow IM and just started subq today in my love handle after the shot it burned like alcohol was in there for a couple minutes. Is this usual?
  4. B

    Injection issues in left thigh and not right

    I have done like 6 injections in my right thight and not had any issues. The 2 times that i have injected into the left one have turned out to be troublesome. 1st one hurt like I hit something then a week later when I went back to the left again the injection seemed to go fine but the next day...
  5. M

    Sore, hot and raised stomach from SubQ injection..did I mess up? Should I keep using the site?

    Hey all, New to TRT and had my first pin on Wednesday night. 40iu test C in the abdomen. Everything was fine. Today (3.5d later), I inject on the other side of my abdomen. I was feeling my stomach to see where my initial injection was though, which I found because it was harder than all the...
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