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    Penis sensitivity on arimidex vs aromasin

    total test: 1000 e2:24 12,5 aromasin twice weekly. everything in check. feel good but hard to cum and very bad sensitivity. 0,25 caber weekly makes me hornier but sensitivity still not good. adex 0,25 twice weekly on the same protocol : sensitivity thru the roof, come very fast inside my girl...
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    Good erections but poor penile sensitivity

    I have great erection quality. However, penis sensitivity and trouble reaching orgasm have been an issue. Any ideas on what might be the culprit or where to start looking?
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    Penile sensitivity

    Has anyone had low penis sensitivity thus making it hard to orgasm and been able to resolve it? I am already with defy and waiting for my e2 to rise but I don't know if that's it. I have never been a "quick" guy but now it's getting tough to finish. Any help is appreciated?
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    Penile implants

    Is there anyone in this group/forum who has had a penile implant done? I'm post-op radical prostatectomy and now know for a fact that I'll never have a normal erection again. Its been several years since my surgery. I have tried all injections and devices. I'm too young to settle for this...
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