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  1. D

    NO DRIVE on bpc 157 add-on PT 141?

    I started taking bpc157 a week ago and I have NO drive.. Prior to taking this I was fine.. I did manage to have sex the other day but I pushed myself to do it.. He was hard and wanted to fuck but I was like I'm not really in the mood.. I have a 10mg vial of pt 141 that I bought for her because...
  2. A

    Pain after test injection

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone get pain after testosterone injection? I take both HCG n Test. I never got pain when i take HCG but when i take testosterone, i get pain all the time. Do you guys also get pain? I take subcutaneous near thigh. Please share ur exp. Thanks
  3. Nelson Vergel

    FDA Clears 'Recharge-Free' Neurostimulation Device for Chronic Pain

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Abbott Laboratories' Proclaim XR neurostimulation system for chronic pain patients. The device has a battery life of up to 10 years, the company announced. The Proclaim XR platform uses the company's proprietary low energy BurstDR...
  4. R

    Traumatic Stress widely overlook in health evaluations

    We see many threads here of members dealing with what may be symptoms of stress rather than side effects of their medication. Stress that is symptomatic and on going is TSD, related to PTSD. Quality of life is diminished, interpersonal relations suffer. In our highly competitive fast paced...
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