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  1. Nelson Vergel

    What is the Optimum Testosterone Dose? Results from a Respected Study

    Nelson Vergel, reviews a research paper from 2001 by Dr. Bhasin, a leading researcher on testosterone and androgens. The study looked at the effects of different doses of testosterone on various parameters in young men, including hormones, strength, and sexual function. Key points discussed in...
  2. R

    Up to 2% of cancers may be caused by medical imaging

    ["A National Institute of Cancer study estimated that up to 2% of cancers are caused by medical imaging"] https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/10/26/cancer-war-patients-and-doctors-worry-unneeded-scans-and-therapy/804396001/ A story published by USAToday, which lacks citations, cautions us...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Total testosterone over 550 ng/dL reduced the risk of cardiovascular events

    In a revealing new study, researchers identified 2,416men (aged 69-81 years) who were not on any kind of testosterone- affecting treatment. These men were subjected to a battery of blood tests that included total testosterone and estradiol (estrogen). The first observation was that men with...
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