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    Questions re. finding the optimal dose and testing

    I started TRT 7 days ago. My prescription is for 150 mg (0.75 ml) of Testosterone 20% Gel. I started with a lower dose of 50 mg for the first few days and then increased to 100 mg. I plan to reach the full dose in a few days. I have already noticed improved insulin sensitivity which is very...
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    Pregnenolone makes high dose Testosterone tolerable

    Skip to 2:00 Dave Lee explains that a Pregnenolone deficiency doesn't allow for higher testosterone dosages to be tolerated. Supplementing Pregnenolone is an easy fix instead of lowering your testosterone levels.
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    HCG and frequency

    Hello everyone, I’m creating this thread to see what the members who use HCG have found to be the most optimal frequency for injections as well as dosing. I know that there is a lot of variation between individuals but I wanted to see if there is a common trend. 1. If you are currently using...
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    Metformin and Finding an Optimal Dosage

    I've been reading a lot about Metformin on this forum. I'm impressed with what I've read and I've decided to give it a shot. I started with 500mg ER once per day. Felt maybe a tiny bit better. Then jumped to 500mg EG twice per day (1000mg per day total). I feel fine on this higher dosage...
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