off testosterone

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  1. L

    my ~6 months post trt labs (being off trt)

    Hello everybody :) I promised to post my labwork off trt so finally got them done I came off with no pct just cold turkey. my last labs on trt (~1 year ago) when I was on 2 clicks on t gel 20% were test total 401 free 9.1 e2 sensitive 7.9 so basically labs are pretty much same off trt but e2 is...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Muscle and Fat On and Off Testosterone Injections

    Sequence of Changes in Body Composition Induced by Testosterone and Reversal of Changes after Drug Is Stopped Objective. —To study the changes in body composition produced by large doses of testosterone and reversal of changes when the drug is discontinued. Design. —Weekly injections of...
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