nipple sensitivity

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  1. M

    TRT monotherapy. 5 week lab check due to nipple symptoms. Thoughts/Guidance please.

    Hey guys, I've been on TRT monotherapy, no other drugs, for 5 weeks now. I went ahead and pulled some labwork at week 5 instead of waiting till week 12. Why did i pull labs early? Answer: I started to have bilateral axillary soreness about 2 weeks in. That subsided and was immediately...
  2. Drug350

    Help - 4 weeks on TRT + Nipple Pain / Estradiol = 20 pg/ml ???

    So I just got my 5th weekly shot, 100 MG's Testosterone Cypionate. My nipples starting hurting about the 3rd week, and continue to hurt. I bumped into a wall the other day hitting my chest /nipple and it fu_kin hurt like hell !!!! If I touch my nipples, pushing up and down, they hurt or push...
  3. S

    Getting gyno with crashed e2?

    Hi, I've been taking 160mg of T per week divided in 2 shots. I'm on week 10 right now and have been having constant nipple sensitivity and irritation for the last 3 weeks. I was on 0.25mg of Anastrozole 2 times a weeks and then upped my dose to 0.5mg twice a week when the symptoms began and it...
  4. C

    3 weeks in nipple sensitivity chest tenderness

    Hey guys brand new to TRT. My current protocol is Testosterone cypionate 200mg/ml - 0.35ml intramuscularly/subcutaneously two times weekly. I’ve noticed on my third week I have some tenderness to to my chest/ nipples. They aren’t sensitive to the touch but kind of just feel funky without being...
  5. J

    Nipple soreness

    Hello everyone I am 9 months on my trt I've had three sets of blood work done, my levels have been good on all three sets the most recent was about 3 weeks ago. Out of nowhere tonight I'm having very very very tender sore nipple on my left side, and I was curious if my estrogen levels are good...
  6. Z

    Effect of Calcium D glucarate on Nipple Tenderness

    So for starters I apologize if this on the wrong forum. Secondly I looked up info on this and couldn’t really find anything. So my doctor told me to add 1000mg of calcium d glucarate daily to my routine. Well 2 days after taking it my nipples got real tender. I stopped for a week and it went...
  7. F

    Nipple sensitivity

    I am on my fourth week of TRT. My dosage is 160mg's a week split into two doses every 3.5 days. I am also using 250IU of HCG and inject the HCG once a week only. I don't use an AI. Should I lower my dose? Should I stick it out for the next 3-4 weeks till I get my blood checked. The sensitivity...
  8. T

    Another HCG nipple sensitivity post

    Hi All, I am 7 weeks into my TRT 150mg of test undecanoate (Nebdio/Aveed) injected once per week. First 4 weeks felt great. As soon as HCG was added 250iu twice per week. I feel anxiety on the day of and after injecting followed by nipple sensitivity / burning sensations and morning wood is...
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