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  1. Jabbja74

    Over 40 Bodybuilder New to Forum

    Hello All! Glad to be part of this community and look forward to learning and exhanging our combined years of experience and knowledge. Many thanks in advance for connecting and for sharing.
  2. T

    New member from Oregon

    Hi Everyone, I have finally decided to join and post after reading countless hours worth of material on all different types of sites related to TRT. Like many others I have read about on this site and others I have not felt like myself in many years. I am 38yrs old, 215lbs, 6' tall, medium...
  3. D

    New -- Looking at HRT/TRT and looking for feedback on two clinics

    I just started work with a new life coach, she recommended I get my Hormone levels checked. Results came back with T level 362, Free T 10.6, and DHEA 136.4....All seem to be low per coach and my Doctor. I am 48, in good shape large frame... am showing symptoms of low levels from what I have...
  4. sea_cav


    Hi Everyone Justin here. New to the site and learning lots. Thanks for all the info, Nelson. I'm reading your book as well. I've taken one test for Low T at a clinic dedicated to Low T therapy in Seattle. My initial results came back below range. I had another test administered for insurance...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Welcome to all new members! Our mission and goals

    Welcome! If you have arrived at this page, we know that you are looking for cutting-edge science-based health information, products and services. Whether you are new in your search or tired of visiting sites polluted with bogus anabolic steroid supplement ads, unmoderated forums with no...
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