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  1. P

    Looking for a good TRT Dr in North Carolina

    Any suggestions of a good urologist that's knowledgeable in Trt?
  2. M

    Doctor review for TRT doctor in Houston

    So i'm not sure saying a Doctors name in here is permitted but i've tried one doctor based off a friends recommendation and the other one based off of my patient care representative. The first Dr at least responded to my questions in a timely manner even when I was overseas working. He made sure...
  3. Z

    New TRT doctor questions

    So I am following up with my new doctor that I saw on Wednesday. It was 45 minute consult just to explain what was going on. Why I am seeing him, why I went on TRT. Basically I explained to him I am tired that of the ups and downs that I have been experiencing on TRT. These ups can be for a week...
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