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    Topical v. Oral Pregnenolone

    Has anyone one used both topical and oral pregnenolone and noticed that one is superior to the other? I am on 25 mg topical pregnenolone per night. I notice my mind is a little sharper and improved mood. Wondering if oral results would be even better.
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    New to TRT still trying to get dialed

    Okay I’m 50 years old and been working out hard since my early 20’s, I’m not overweight work out weights more than anything but run 3 days a week 2 miles each time. I started TRT exactly 120 days ago because I had all the major symptoms even though my total T was 600 My, free T 13.7,Bio...
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    Herniated Disk and Thinking About Testosterone plus Nandrolone (Deca)

    hi. im a 27 year old man who has been batteling doctors for 6 years. my testosterone is 5 nmol after steroid use and never went up i finally after a few visitts to the doctor who is a expert in testosterone and male health, he has 40 years in his field and is a doctor who is pro at this. he...
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