morning wood

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  1. S

    THE real define for morning wood pls any one tell???

    Hello guys Can any one tell the real define of morning wood?? As we read it's the one that make u wake up from it...but some says it also the one in morning that happen after waking up and u still on bed and any touch for it be hard..I will explain more ...some days we wake up I'm morning...
  2. V

    Lack of morning wood-is this only due to low Free T?

    Looking at the causes for lack of morning wood, is Free T the only contributor? Does any thyroid, adrenal, or mental cause it to cease?
  3. J

    After over a year on TRT, still no morning wood. Is this normal?

    My libido has fluctuated greatly since I began this journey on TRT. However, I see many people mention morning wood returning. For me, I have no experienced this at all ever since I started, nor did I before I started for a long time. Is this just something that varies from man to man, or...
  4. Maximus220rr

    Weak morning it a big deal?

    I have been dealing with less than stellar morning wood. It varies a degrees of hardness which is this normal or is everyone rock hard every morning? My protocol was 80mg of test twice a week....3.5 days 500ius twice a week of hcg....3.5 days No ai Labs from this protocol just general test...
  5. B

    Some sweating at night and lack of morning wood

    Hey guys, Just finished my fifth week and I'm having the symptoms listed in the title. Some nights I am waking up a little sweaty. Not drenched but sweaty mainly on my chest and neck. Also, morning wood seems to have disappeared. Also my nipples seem to stay a bit hard and sore/sensitive...
  6. A

    Adjusting Anastrozole dosing based on morning wood?

    Guys, I noticed that morning wood is not always there. My CURRENT Test Cyp dose is .5ml/week split into two although my script is for 1ml/week; Mondays and Thursdays. I purposely backed off my dose because I notice significant hair thinning about 2 weeks of being on 1ml/week. When I do half the...
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