mood swings

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  1. Z

    Letting e2 run wild

    My old dr was a dr who was all about not treating E2. He said let it go as high as you want and it won’t be a problem. Well I am seeing a new dr now and my e2 sensitive was 45. My libido has been super low, my anxiety kind of high, also my junk shrivels up to nothing along with my scrotum...
  2. lukas_az

    week 4 on TRT - lots of ups / downs

    just started; baseline; Total T: 226 ng/dl Free: 7.62 ng/dl Estradiol: 16.1 pg/ml doc gave me 100mg/2weeks ( i know this is too low, and he seemed to be willing to go up to 100mg/week once my next bloodwork comes back at 4 weeks) - i switched to 1x week - 50mg as of now. initially I went...
  3. D

    New member - pre TRT blood test results

    Could I get some advice/suggestions on my blood Test results? I got the first test done in July 2019 through (UK) and a few repeat tests in Nov 2019 through my GP (GP said everything looks normal). These were done fasted at 9am Symptoms -Low/Loss of Libido -ED (weaker...
  4. R

    Linking Steroid use to violent deranged behavior: Orlando Pulse mass murder

    According to Bill Chappell, reporter for NPR, the ex-wife of the man accused of murdering 50 inside the Orlando night club on Sunday has publicly linked "steroid use", "physical abuse" and "controlling behavior" to the suspected perpetrator of the most horrific mass shooting yet to occur on...
  5. S

    33 years old with Total T of 14.2 nmol/L and Free T of 213 pmol/L

    Hello, I just had my blood tested for levels of T and Estradiol. Results are as follows: Testosterone: 14.2 nmol/L Free T: 213 pmol/L Estradiol: <73 pmol/L I have known that I'm low for a couple years now. These results are better than my last tests, but are still low. I eat a very healthy...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    The effect of 600 mg/week of testosterone injections on angry behavior in healthy men

    The effects of supraphysiological doses of testosterone on angry behavior in healthy eugonadal men--a clinical research center study. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1996 Oct;81(10):3754-8. Abstract Anecdotal reports of "roid rage" and violent crimes by androgenic steroid users have brought...
  7. Okian

    Hormones and mood– the first steps to feel better

    '' Mood disorders are among the most common complaints I see in my anti-aging practice. The most common symptoms are anxiety and depression. However common associated symptoms are fatigue, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and memory problems.One of the challenges I always face in treating a...
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