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    Mixing Anastrozole with water?

    I know mixing the anastrozole with vodka for more accurate dosing. My question is, can I mix the AI with regular water? or with a lower-proof alcohol beverage(rice wine)? As I don't have a liquor store open around me. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks
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    Mixing TCyp and Nandrolone

    Greetings all, I’m pretty well dialed in on my protocol. 40mg TCyp 40mg Nandrolone and 250U HCG three times a week. The nandrolone and TCyp are the same concentration and both suspended in grapeseed oil. Before I added the Nandrolone I was using Nelson’s method for injecting. But with 2 oil...
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    Homemade cyp and prop mix questions

    I am looking to mix cyp and prop at home to make my own blend to experiment. After trying many different protocols I am currently doing the typical protocol of cyp at 100mg and Hcg at 700iu per week Split into two injections Monday morning and Thursday night. I did a trial daily run of daily...
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    Mixing Test enthanate in castor oil with test e in MCT oil? ok?

    Hi guys, Wondering if this would be ok to mix 2 tests I have as Ive found my UGL one which is tested and top notch hits me a bit harder and the company I get it from explained the MCT oil suspended test is faster releasing than the castor oil Primoteston. Both are 250mg / ml but I feel the hit...
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    mixing/preparing HCG

    Hi, When using HCG you add bacteriostatic water i.e. 5000iu add 5ml = 1000 iu per ml but is there a disadvantage to add less water? i.e. 5000iu add 2.5ml = 2000 iu per ml So instead of injecting 0.4ml I would use 0.2ml to use 400iu
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    HCG Mixing Needle, Sterility, discard after 1 month?

    Hi, I just started HCG. I have been on T-Cyp for years. The kit came with an 18G needle for mixing the water into the powder. This is a big needle and made a big hole in the rubber stopper. Maybe even bigger as I was pointing the water at the side of the vial. Today I did my second...
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    HCG mixing

    Hi, I bought Pregnyl 5000 IU 1ml amp and I have some question about the best way to administrate it. I would like to use as little bacteriostatic water as possible for my injections each 250IU each time. In this Forum I read? “If you add 2 mL (bacteriostatic water I´ll guess) to the 5,000 IU...
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