low libido

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  1. H

    Deciphering Labs

    Hi I received my most recent labs and wondering if I'm taking enough Testosterone Cy. I inject .01 units per day and I don't take Arimidex. My libido and ability to orgasm easily is low. Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Testosterone - 485 Estradiol - 25.8 PSA -...
  2. C

    Need Help- Low Testosterone

    Hi Everyone, I hope all doing well. I am 31 years old Male living in Canada. I always had many symptoms all my life and after many trips to doctor i was able to do blood test, Mri of pituitary & adrenal gland. Following are my results **SYPMTOMS:** •Headches, Pain behind eyes, Neck & Shoulder...
  3. G

    Started TRT journey - five weeks in

    Good evening, everyone. I figured I'd make a thread documenting my progress. Hopefully the information and ensuing discussions contained herein could provide assistance for others down the line, as others' threads had provided for me. I also have some questions which will be added at the end, so...
  4. Dreamamine

    26Y/O, Feel like Shit, Could You Guys Take a Look At My Blood Test Results?

    – Few caveats: I am not on TRT. Apparently the “Testosterone II and SHBG are assayed on the Siemens Centaur/Atellica”. Not sure if that’s important. Felt like shit since about 18 years old. I had a huge drop in wellbeing on every metric when I hit about 18. I had my testosterone tested when I...
  5. A

    6iu of Hgh a day

    I guess god has been answering my prayers he blessed me with some good money! so I can afford to run as much Hgh as I want at this point have been dealing with low libdio morning wood for so long I hear 2iu really isn’t nothing and it takes months to notice a difference what about 6 iu a day...
  6. A

    Dbol not working for crashed e2

    Crashed my e2 and took dbol to bring it up it’s been one week and not feeling better I thought d bol works fast
  7. A

    Adding Dhea for estrogen boost?

    My e2 still feels crashed 6 weeks later! I’m on 250 mg of prop Ed injections to control e2 I stopped ai 6 weeks ago and my low e2 symptoms haven’t changed! I was crashed for 10 weeks? And I know prop dos High e2 made me a woman low e2 made me a zombie! Should I add 25 mg of Dhea until I feel...
  8. F

    Balance Acne TRT Side Effects and Symptom Relief

    Hello, I am a 31 y.o male who has been on and off TRT for around 5+ years. I've recently had a problem finding a balance in receiving the benefits of TRT without side effects. When I dose TRT at 2x60mg per week (120mg total), I have complete symptom resolution. However, I have noticed at the...
  9. C

    Pregnenolone kills libido

    Hello, anyone else here whos libido goes down with pregnenolone? I use 50mg day and its totally kills my libido and erection, it took a while to figure it out. Same thing happened with even smallest dosage 500iu/wk hcg in a past. Probably im sensitive to increased progesterone from pregnenolone...
  10. A

    Dht cream on trt for libido

    I found a 3rd party selling pure dht cream! I know t gels can help with libido due to dht conversation but what about pure dht cream? would adding it to my trt regimen hurt me? I’ve been loosing hair this last year(armpits,legs,stomach) I haven’t found much info on it! As I hear it been...
  11. A

    Feeling emotionally flat?

    Taking my e2 from 72 to 11 and switching to Ed injections has done wonders for my anxiety panic attacks, I no longer feel anxious or emotional! I still have a dead sex drive? should I keep increasing my dose to see where I feel best at(been on this protocol for almost 6 weeks) I wanna see how...
  12. B

    Euthyroid Sick Syndrome Advice

    Hey Guys, First time poster on the forums, glad to be apart of the crew! So here's the dilemma. I've had a past history of steroid use and had my last cycle wrapped up since the beginning of 2016; I haven't been right since. I started seeking help in 2017 and in 2018 i've seen dozens of...
  13. L

    Need opinion on fertility uro visit yesterday.

    Background: Husband was DXed with low-T in January. Total T was sitting at 160; free T 12. He'd been suffering from a complete lack of libido and ED for about 18-20 months. His LH and FSH were both WNL sitting in the mid-range (6.3 and 6). We had a baby naturally 2.5 years ago. We are trying to...
  14. F

    Hair Shedding, Low Libido

    Hello, I've been on and off TRT for many years. I spent a few years on Androgel from 2 pumps daily to 4 pumps daily. I used to get it for free from my wife's insurance, and felt the best on 4 pumps daily, but discontinued due to switching insurance about a year and a half ago. Also, the daily...
  15. T

    Low libido and a visit to the Endocrinologist

    Hello all, I hope this sunday finds all of you doing well. I began having problems with my libido about 3 months ago. Cialis worked for me well since 2012 and now it's just not doing much at all, sometimes it gives a boost if I lay off it for a week or 2 but then it goes right back to nearly...
  16. P

    Low Libido while on TRT

    Hello Everybody, Im pacho 38 years old and found after a blood test that I was low on T. (319 ng/dL) I am currently on my 6 week on Cypionate Having 200mg twice a week. By the 3rd week I was feeling a great increase in vital Energy overall and sex Drive. After the 4th week I feel a drop in...
  17. A

    Help! Quit TRT, Labs Fine zero Libido

    27 year old male Ok so I quit TRT in late August cold turkey (TRT did nothing for me in terms of energy, libido etc. despite very high test levels) and just got bloods done and they are all very satisfactory. My energy levels and motivation are good but the lack of sex drive is just destroying...
  18. J

    High SBHG, diet and low libido.

    I tested for low T at the beginning of the year. TT was 425 and FT was low at 6.3 (range 6.8-21.5). I did a full hormone panel in May before going on TRT and everything came back normal except my SBHG was high 95 (range 16.5-55). This was the first time I ever tested SBHG. I started treatment...
  19. K

    Please Help: Testosterone Protocol Advice Needed (Low Libido)

    Hello everybody, I'm hoping for some serious advice from people suffering from low T. I have had low T for years, never getting out of the 300's even though I was in my 20's, 30s, and now 40's. Of course I had doctors tell me that I was still in the normal range so they didn't want to treat me...
  20. K

    Have anyone tried uBreeze for low T?

    Hi, I'm new to this community. I am 30, and have been having POSSIBLY low T symptoms since was 16/17. Here are the symptoms: - Loss of pleasure in masturbation - Lack of sensations when touching the pennis (not numb, just lack of good feelings) - Lack of libido (psychologically I still want...
  21. S

    TRT and Low Libido

    I have been consistent with TRT for about four months now. Two injections a week @ 40mg each. Total T at 616, Free T @ 13.0 and Estrogen @ 20. Best its been for me in years but I have no sex drive. It seems that when my T tanked to 215 back in 2012 due to improper program administration, I...
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