low ferritin

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  1. J

    Low Ferritin / High Iron & HCT - Suggestions Please

    I am now 13 weeks in to TRT. Started at 120mg weekly pinning MWF. I did 6 week labs on my own from DiscountedLabs (awesome) and had an HCT of 50 then. So my doc said to donate whole blood, so I did. I also lowered my dose to 100-108 week. MWF. I just did some 12 week labs and my Ferritin...
  2. G

    Low ferritin doesn't matter as long as hemoglobin and hematocrit are good?

    Hello, I have been struggling with low ferritin and high hematocrit. I've searched and read through the subject matter here and elsewhere. Some folks elsewhere are saying that low ferritin is not an issue and should be of no concern as long as other blood markers such as hemoglobin and...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Decreases Ferritin

    Testosterone replacement can cause a decrease in ferritin in men even without the presence or use of blood donations or therapeutic phlebotomies. A study gave men testosterone enanthate at a dose of 125 mg per week (it also used T enanthate with or without finasteride to see the effect of...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Iron Absorption Enhancers and Blockers

    For those of you who donate blood too frequently and have to take an iron supplement. https://examine.com/supplements/iron/research/#pharmacokinetics_absorption-enhancers
  5. G

    Solution to infamous high HCT low ferritin dilemma

    Here’s an interview with Dr. Morley Robbins that addresses the infamous high HCT low ferritin dilemma that many men face on HRT. Looks like we finally have an answer in regards to how to handle it. Spoiler alert, it’s to donate blood, as needed, to keep serum iron, HGB and HCT levels within a...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Higher Testosterone was Associated with Lower Ferritin

    Higher Testosterone was Associated with Lower Ferritin The Association between the Levels of Serum Ferritin and Sex Hormones in a Large Scale of Chinese Male Population Liu, Zhenfang ; Ye, Fanghui ; Zhang, Haiying ; Gao, Yong ; Tan, Aihua ; Zhang, Shijun ; Xiao, Qiang ; Zhang, Bing ; Huang...
  7. 3

    Low Ferritin Issues

    I found out that I have high Reverse T3, and subsequent tests revealed that I have very low Ferritin. My first test came in at 34 (30-400), so I began taking an Iron supplement (Proferrin Forte). After 45 days on this supplement, my Ferritin is now at 38. I gave blood once back in June, and I...
  8. G

    Is low iron (Ferritin) a possible reason for low SHBG?

    Just curious to hear some opinions on low ferritin levels having any direct and indirect effects (thyroid function, other) on SHBG.
  9. J

    Low ferritin, border line hct

    I just had blood work done and I asked to have my ferritin checked since I have had low ferritin in the past and my hct at my last lab was 52, I wanted to know what it was if I needed to start donating to bring down the hct. This time my hct was 49.2 and ferritin serum was 25 (30-400) so hct...
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