low estrogen

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  1. R

    Persistent Low E2 symptoms lasting long after crash- Possible Solution or a little relief.

    Hi - Not sure if this was posted before but this has provided me at least some much needed relief from low E2 symptoms that have persisted for years after E2 crash. Brief history I have been on TRT since 2009 and never had an issue until I crashed my E2. (protocol 200mgs of test per week and...
  2. B

    Clomid questions

    I was on clomid for about 4 and a half years. Initially on 15 mg every third day. . . And then after 2 years went to 12.5 ever 3rd day (so I could buy 50mg tabs for cheaper and split them). I took .08mg anastrozole ever 4-5 days. I felt GREAT for 4 years and then CRASHED horribly. My pre...
  3. S

    Hypogonadism and Low Estrogen

    Is it common to have Hypogonadism with Low Estrogen in males?
  4. madman

    Rising Heart Risks for Young Women Linked to Low Estrogen

    Extreme Exercise and Dieting Are Contributing Factors
  5. J

    Estrogen Still Low. Along with libido coupled with ED

    I feel like these labs should have restored all things. Estrogen still staying lower then I’d like with no AI. I’ve been on TRT for 4 months now. E2 has been at just 3 before so 19 is progress although slow. With my test level according to Nelson V 14-20/1 (T/E) ratio I should have E2...
  6. R

    INSANELY low estrogens, SHGB a bit high, normal total test

    35 years old, 1.81. cm. 70 KG. I'm basically panicking with these results. I'm not on TRT btw. I'm seriously considering it. My free test level results will be given to me next week, but I can guess that they must be very low considering both my high SHGB and low estrogen levels. What is the...
  7. P

    E2 problem

    I am taking Testosterone Cyp 30 mg. 200mg T Cyp injected twice weekly. I began taking T about a year ago around Christmas time.* My problem is that I cannot get my E2 up where it belongs. I am always hovering around 15. My libido is dead and erections are soft. I am on no AI all. I am not on...
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