low dht

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  1. B

    3 months on Hydrogel Testosterone

    Hello everyone, I have been on hydrogel (200mg/ml) at 4 clicks in the morning for 3 months. I finally had time to do my blood work and these were my results: Labcorp Testosterone, Total, LC/MS 37.5 Low (264.0-916.0ng/dL) Testosterone, Free 0.80 Low (5.00-21.00 ng/dL) Dihydrotestosterone 23...
  2. Z

    Crashed Estradiol? Low DHT? Looking for advice

    Hello everyone, first time poster, but I've been lurking for a while, gathering as much information as I can. I've been looking into hormones and TRT for roughly a year and a half now, and with all the results I have, it's time to move forward. I'm looking for a second opinion about my blood...
  3. G

    Just got my test results. Need advice

    I am on 100mg cypionate injection per week, injecting mwf. I tested Monday morning before shot and results are as follows: TT-495 Free t-125 (35-155) DHT 18 (16-79) Estradiol 23 Shbg 10 I feel better on injections but had a higher sex drive I think on the cream. I also had higher dht levels on...
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