long term testosterone

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  1. Fernando Almaguer

    Fermented foods for Inflammation 2021 study

    What is up fellas? I want to share the results of the Stanford University study in July of 2021. Just google fermented foods Stanford study and it will come up first. Basically, it was a 10 week study looking at the differences in inflammation in humans while on a high fermented diet and...
  2. J

    Long Term T Patients - Does TRT Lose It's Effectiveness (Libido, etc.) After Several Years?

    I was reading posts on various forums and came across several people that noted after approximately 5 years the initial benefits felt by TRT such as increased libido and energy diminished significantly. Some posters noted they are now taking Cialis, Viagra, etc. and are looking to stop TRT...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Effect of 10 Years of Testosterone Replacement on Men's Bodies, Hormones and Metabolism.

    Summary Subnormal levels of testosterone are associated with significant negative health consequences, with higher risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. The numbers of studies reporting on the benefits of normalisation of testosterone is increasing but longer-term data on (elderly)...
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