jay campbell

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  1. BadassBlues

    Unbelievable email exchange with Jay Campbell

    Anyone researching either testosterone or peptides will undoubtedly come across references to Jay Campbell. I have read many of his articles and bought a few of his books. I do have a measure of respect for the man. Unfortunately, he is one ego driven, arrogant and obviously clueless individual...
  2. G

    Jay Campbell caught lying

    At 59 minutes Jay lies and says that his last E2 in December 2017 was 86. But in a different video he posted those exact labs, and his E2 was 46.1. The only reason he exaggerated and said his E2 was 86 was because him and Dr. Keith Nichols were having a discussion about E2, and the benefits of...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Webinar on Clomid, Anastrozole, HCG, DHEA, finasteride syndrome and much more

    Testosterone book authors Dr John Crisler, Nelson Vergel and Jay Campbell discuss their views and asnwer questions on clomid (clomiphene), estradiol management with anastrozole, HCG for fertility and libido, how to treat finasteride syndrome, new injectable DHEA, and subcutaneous injections...
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