iron panel interpretations

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  1. K.pietera

    Iron overload

    Hi there , So my blood results came back and you can see them in the attachment. As you all can see my serum iron levels are way to high also my ferritin is to much. I tought it was strange because I don't consume red meat that often...( 2 times a week) But I think I have found an awnser...
  2. O

    Help with Iron Panel

    I have tried to understand Iron Panel interpretations, but the more I read the more I am confused. So looking for an EXPERT on Iron Panel evaluations. Here are the lab values. TIBC - 231 - (250-450 ug/dl) LOW UIBC - 108 - (131-425 ug/d) LOW IRON - 123 - (27-159 ug/dl) % IRON SATUR - 53 -...
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