injection timing

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    Best time to inject testosterone?

    For anyone doing daily or every other day shots... does it make any difference to any of you, if you inject in the morning or at night? I know some guys who take bigger shots once or twice a week, say that injecting at night can impact their sleep etc... But i havent seen much from the guys...
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    Infrequent Dosing

    I realize that EOW dosing isn't popular on the forums for various reasons and I certainly understand in most men why this is not feasible. I have talked to 3-4 guys over the years, all older than me, that state they've been using this dosing regimen for years and like it. I recently moved to...
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    Will Everyday or Every Other Day TRT Injections lower or Raise E2 levels?

    I searched and I can't seem to get a answer. Question with LOW SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN = 8 Range: 10-50 Will Everyday or Every Other Day injections work to raise or lower E2 and bring SHBG up. I was under the impression that ED injections will actually cause E2 to be higher and bring up...
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    Test dose timing for ED inject protocols... morning or night?

    I was looking back at some of my history (lab numbers) and something hit me during my research... I had experimented with SQ injections and was looking at one of my lab results which I have posted below... Using 20mg Test Prop (16.5mg pure test minus ester weight) SQ ED injects in morning 8am...
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    Switching to M-W-F injections...question on timing

    So in the hopes of lowering my high E2, I was instructed to go from every 3.5 days to M-W-F injections. My question is should I do Monday morning, Wednesday mid day, and Friday evening? My thoughts are to try and keep things a bit more level for the Friday through Monday time. As...
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    E3.5D vs M W F injections

    E3.5D vs M W F vs EOD injections Let's assume all things being equal and SHBG of 27 (16.5-55.9). Would there be any benefit in going from twice weekly injections every 3.5 days to injecting 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For example, let's assume a weekly dose of T. Cyp...
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