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  1. K

    Nodule On Injection Site

    Hi, all! Been injecting TRT for about 4 years now. It has been great. I also inject HCG SQ with no issues. However, with the Cypionate I'm now experiencing a nodule on my left ventrogluteal area. So I stopped using that area. Is there something I can do to get rid of it? Like rolling or deep...
  2. M

    Burning injection site

    Hey all! So im 2 weeks into injecting 10mg daily. I only rotate between shoulders with insuline pin. This morning i pinned my right shoulder and as soon as i started injecting i had some discomfort and it start to burn. When i finished and pulled out the needle it started burning really really...
  3. D

    What to do if Lipodystrophy is suspected?

    Hi, My name is Gabe. I've been on TRT since August 2021. I've switched to Defy Med in March of 2022. I am also Type 2 diabetic who uses Novolog Subcutaneous insulin. Since Defy is the only clinic that suggested using Testosterone Subcutaneously, I did so starting in March 2022...
  4. Ozzieville

    Injection Site Question: Ventral Gluteal Muscle vs. Tensor Fascia Latae

    Based on recommendations on this site, I decided to switch from deltoid muscle shallow IM injections (27g 1/2 in.) to the ventral gluteal muscle. Easier said than done. I looked at lots of photos/videos to try to pinpoint the VG muscle, and thought I had it dialed in to the muscle that's right...
  5. T

    This video is commonly linked as an example of a VG injection; however, it doesn't match up with figures I've seen online.

    Video: That, to me, looks to be too far back to be a true VG injection when I compare it to the images, figures, etc. that I've seen in many places. For example: Figure B is the ventrogluteal injection site Self-explanatory Those images are from two different sources. It seems to me that...
  6. G

    Injection site level differences

    I have historically injected sub-q via the fat above my hips, but recently have been bruising a lot and bleeding there, so I began to inject sub-q in my quads. I didn't connect the dots at the time, but around the same time began to feel like I had crashed my E2 as I could not get an erection...
  7. C

    Injection site for ED/EOD protocol

    I have read nelson’s thread about injecting in the delt,vg or love handles. however is it fine if I inject only rotating the love handles? Im just worried about scar tissue build up. can you share what is the easiest and painless method that works for you guys? thanks
  8. S

    Shot site issues

    Hi, I have been on TRT for a while (5+years) and recently I have been having issues with swelling and warmth on my quad where I give my shot. Things seem to be normal and then later that day or next the swelling is there. I am using a 27g x1/2 needle and depo test by Pfizer. I put the vile in...
  9. Gianluca

    Injection site and muscle aesthetic/functionality plus different inj site and absorption rate?

    I'm wondering if long term injections would effect muscle fibers in a way that you can't develop them anymore with resistance training therefore effecting their functionality, limiting muscle hypertrophy and aesthetic. Side deltoid is pretty convenient site injection. Although several months ago...
  10. T

    Forearm injections

    This may be a very dumb question... Been doing TRT for about 9 months and am very happy with the improvements. Just wondering, will injecting cypionate into the forearm instead of the normal glute / thigh area have any positive or negative impact on chronic tennis elbow / tendonosis pain?
  11. T

    Anyone inject in the glutes?

    I was thinking of adding glutes and dropping quads from injection site rotation. Currently rotate between quads, deltoids, and VG, shallow IM. I'm finding that I tend to get injection site soreness for a few days when injecting in the quads. Anyone self inject in the glutes? If so do, how do...
  12. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    Oops! now what?

    Hi Guys. I tried to inject myself today in that "ventrogluteal" area (spelling?) and hit a gusher when I pulled out the needle. Blood dripped down my leg on floor etc. (a lot of blood). I thought everything was ok, no pain just all the blood. I know many aspirate but it's hard enough to hit...
  13. M

    Nodule/Lump from Sub Q Testosterone shot in abdomen.

    Just tried sub q test for the first time a couple of days ago and unfortunately a small lump/nodule has formed. The skin is also red around the area. It's not overly sore but is tender to the touch. I read that nodules can occur from time to time so hopefully its nothing more than that ie...
  14. T

    Lump after shots all of a sudden

    All, I have been on TRT for almost 4 months. Recently in the last 2 weeks i started getting hard lumps about 2 days after my shot which dont seem to go away or at least not yet. I am doing SubQ using 27 Gauge 1/2 inch needles. I did change from getting prescription filled by Rite Aid to...
  15. H

    Shallow IM need to aspirate

    I am currently injecting shallow IM in the vastus lateralis with a 27G 1/2 insulin needle. 1 out of 5 injections i get a tiny drop of blood coming out of the injection site. Basically everytime it hurts for the needle to get inside there is a tiny amount of blood when the needle comes out. that...
  16. maxadvance

    Best testosterone injection site, no aspiration needed, avoids all nerves

    So I ran across the term "Ventrogluteal IM injection site" and found an article describing it as what is currently the most medically recommended injection site. I tried it a few times now and have to agree. No blood gushing pinholes, no veins, no nerves, minimal pain. IN: The Ventrogluteal IM...
  17. M

    MRK - Self Injecting Help...

    I just did my 4th self injection today. I have been using a 23 gauge 1.5" needle and I keep telling myself that this needle is way to long. Im 6'1" 225 athletic build besides the pot belly. I have tried the 1 inch needle but worried to much about it not going deep enough into the muscle. Well...
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