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  1. N

    29 1/2 for IM

    I’m not super lean but I’m not overweight or anything. Is 29ga 1/2 needle enough for IM in the thigh or should I use a 1inch?
  2. B

    How much slower is subQ compared to IM?

    How much slower is the release and taper of a subcutaneous injection compared to an intramuscular injection?
  3. Mojo88

    Is IM T-Cyp different from SubQ T-Cyp?

    I went to a new Primary care Doc today, and we discussed a few things. I told him my one and only med is ~80mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate, with TRT being overseen by my urologist. I told this new Doc that I had been doing 1x/wk IM, but have just switched to 2x/wk SubQ, and he surprised...
  4. J

    Daily injections of Sustanon IM

    Any opinion/has anyone tried doing daily injections of Sustanon IM? Some say ED or EOD injections of Sustanon leads to more stable levels (instead of every 5 days for example) as it contains Propionate which is a short ester.
  5. I

    Deep IM vs shallow IM

    I'm trying to do only deep IM injections, noticing this works best for me. Sub-q is out of the question, but also I've done a 6-8 weeks of shallow IM when I have used cypionate and my levels were not where they should have been for the given dose. I've injected in delts and ventroglute with 29g...
  6. T

    Higher Numbers on IM vs SQ

    I've injected SQ since starting TRT two years ago. In my search to lower E or at least the effects and to benefit from TRT, I started injecting my deltoids, for this blood work cycle. That was the only change. My total T was up by 300 and my FT was up by about 80 and my ASL was outside the...
  7. T

    SQ vs IM side effects...

    I switched to IM, a while back, just to see if anything positive was noted. I noticed my morning urine stream was very poor. Just the morning one...thinking prostate effect. I did not change anything else, other than where the shot was administered. Anyone else ever experience this?
  8. Robotics

    Anyone inject inner thigh? Getting Muscle Spasms (daily injector)

    I am a daily injector (29 gauge 1/2 inch) I was injecting outer thigh shallow IM for a while, concerned about scar tissue moved over to inner thigh (which is more fatty). Has worked well so far, but had the expect increase in E2 and decrease in TT as most see with a move to sub-q, though it is...
  9. S

    IM Testosterone Given SubQ

    Hello, I have been taking Xyosted for the past 3 months and my doctor just recommended that up the dose to 100mg. The problem is at $425 per month, I cannot afford this. I asked my doctor if the Xyosted medication, Testosterone Enanthate was available in a vial, and could I take it...
  10. G

    HCG Half life IM vs SubQ?

    So I am finding some info about IM HCG injections having way shorter half life compared to SubQ but can't really find solid info on this. I was always under the impression they had little difference at the typical doses for TRT and even Monotherapy. Does anyone know of any data on this? I am...
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