high estrogen

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  1. M

    Interesting experience quitting TRT

    So last took 40mg of short acting testosterone propionate 8 days ago. The half life if 20 hours. So theoretically it should be completely out of my system in 4.5 days. The reason I stopped is I aromatize like crazy when I can't workout. I had ACDF surgery and am not allowed to work out for one...
  2. P

    Using HCG alone for Low Testosterone

    I have had good testosterone results from using HCG alone (and not using testosterone). However, things are still not perfect, and I am not sure about the best next steps. First, let me tell you my story, which might be helpful for others: A year and a half ago, I had COVID and lost my...
  3. M

    High Estrogen Side Effects Help

    Hey guys Im in my first 6 months of starting TRT. My T dropped down pretty low and was the reasoning I got on TRT. I take 120mg of Test Cyp a week. Two injections along with HCG. My issues started with my Estrogen going up. I feel amazing mentally, physically and have amazing workouts currently...
  4. J

    6 Weeks Results: High FT, E2, & Hema. What Next?

    Started TRT and just received my 6-week labs back from DLabs. My protocol has been 40mg, Mon/Wed/Fri, so 120mg weekly of Test Cyp/Prop Blend at 80/20%. I'm 45. 185lbs. Workout 4-5 days a week. About 17% BF. Diet is above average. Always been pretty healthy. Blood pressure is always great...
  5. R

    Controlling estrogen

    What is a good way to control estrogen when anastrazole is too powerful? I was taking 80 mgs of testosterone 2 x a week when my estrogen went through the roof. I started taking .125 mgs of anastrazole 2 x a week and it brought my estradiol down to an 8 and total test was at 854. Can anastrazole...
  6. A

    What is going on? I stopped my TRT.

    Hello folks, I need help. I am posting my blood report. I am scared. Why so much increase in testosterone and estrogen with just 2 weeks of dosage? FYI, i completely stopped my TRT and HCG. I was taking 150mg test n 500iu HCG. Its been only 3 weeks. I started on feb 14. Is there anything i can...
  7. G

    Help me!

    Ok, Just got my ESTRADIOL,ULTRASENSITIVE, LC/MS results, and they show 63. My total testosterone shows 711, and happy about that, because that was my 8 day, and I didnt pin until later after the blood draw. I've switched to pinning once a week, but couldnt get my blood drawn till the 8th day...
  8. C

    Does High Estrogen Cause Acne?

    In general does elevated estrogen from TRT cause acne?
  9. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia: A Multicenter Study

    Highest prevalence of gynecomastia was observed between 21 and 30 years (n = 74; 31.2%). The most common presenting complaints were aesthetic concerns (62.8%) and breast pain (51.2%). 25.3% of the subjects had a history of pubertal gynecomastia. 56.5% had bilateral gynecomastia. 39.9% were...
  10. T

    TRT, feeling drained, high estrogen and sensitivity to anastrozole?

    Hi guys, I've been on TRT for 10 weeks with the following protocol starting from week 5: Monday: 500 I.U HCG Tuesday: 0.25mg Anastrozole Thursday: 500 I.U HCG Friday: 150mg Testosterone Cypionite Saturday: 0.25mg Anastrozole Prior to week 5 I did not inject any forms of HCG, it was just...
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