high blood pressure on trt

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    Blood pressure rises after TRT injection

    Hello all, I have been on TRT (150ml of 200mg/ml a week, split into 3 injections) for about two years. Up until now everything was great. About a month ago I noticed every time I injected my blood pressure rose into the 130/140’s and I would be dizzy for a day. Hematocrit came back at 47, I...
  2. R

    Elevated BP and headaches.

    Hello. 49, male, no other health issues. 4.5 months into TRT, lowered my dose a month ago due to some random heart palpitations, hemo and RBC were fine according to bloodwork. In .20 twice a week, down from .30 twice a week and started half a pill of arimidex as needed once a week. Yesterday I...
  3. B

    Did you get high blood pressure on TRT and how did you manage it?

    I've been struggling with high blood pressure since I started TRT. I'm super sensitive to testosterone. I had to scale down to 9mg every other day. Anything higher will give me constant high blood pressure, pulse, headache and insomnia. I am doing better at my current protocol but I still get...
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    High blood pressure running higher dosage Test and Deca

    Using throwaway account here for obvious reasons but i need some NON judgemental advise, considering i already know the levels im on are NOT therapeutic. I started with defy back in 2015 on 100mg test, 0.25mg anastrzole and 500IU HCG injecting every 3.5d and stayed on this protocol until i moved...
  5. C

    High blood pressure meds- what's best for TRT and ED?

    I'm 46, and have been on TRT for about 8 years. I'll put my regimen below, but I'm pretty locked in for TRT, although 5 mg daily tadalifil doesn't always cut it. Anyway, my bp has been creeping up over the years. I've been on Lisinopril 20 mg for 10 years. But have been running 135/84 on...
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    12Mg of Cypionate causing so many side effects?

    Is it possible that just 12 mg of E3D cypionate cause so many side effects? After 01 year of Nebido, I started a new protocol 20 days ago (January 4th). I started with 20Mg Cypionate EOD. I had symptoms of increased E2, bad sleep, a little restlessness ... and increased blood pressure. Even...
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    high bp and shortness of breath

    I have been researching on the forum about this and cant find a clear answer. Wondering which cause which. I have been on trt for the past 6 months and the past 2 months i have been expeirencing these side effects. I have tried and checked everything i have read on this forum. My clinic let me...
  8. B

    Quitting TRT

    I am thinking about quitting TRT. I've been on it 7 months. Taking .3cc twice a week of Test Cypionate IM. I had lab test done in April my HCT was 53. I was concerned and called the clinic, I was told to cut the dose to .25cc. I went to donate blood today and was refused, my pressure was...
  9. G

    Blood pressure issue

    Need some feedback please. Been on TRT for 8-9 months, i also take Adderall for ADD, both of which increas blood pressure. My blood pressure now seems to be almost consistently over 140 and 101. This is sacring me and i was considering asking my doc for a blood pressure medication before damage...
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